Learn English in Canada

Why You Should Study English in Canada


Lesson Notes:

English is one of Canada’s two official languages

Most English students dream of going to an English speaking country to learn English. This is because you get a high-level exposure to the language. If you go for an exchange program in Canada you may even live with a Canadian family and have the possibility to interact with them on a daily basis. You’ll also encounter English everywhere, in the coffee shops, at restaurants, advertisements and billboards.

Amazing English Courses

In Vancouver alone, there are over 100 ESL schools. Most ESL schools have intensive programs with small class sizes (usually about 15 students). The focus tends to be on functional language with a focus on listening and speaking. Many schools also offer a wide range of community activities to maximize learning opportunities.


Languages Canada: Languages Canada is Canada’s premier language organization representing language programs in both of Canada’s official languages: English and French. Member programs, both public and private, undergo a comprehensive accreditation process, meet the rigorous standards of the association and are committed to upholding them.

You might not need a study permit

If you study for less than 6 months you won’t need a study permit but you might need a visitor visa so it’s best to check online.

Canadians are welcoming

In Canada, no matter what your religion, gender, style of clothes you wear or accent you speak with, Canada’s aim is to make you feel welcomed, accepted and respected. Overall, Canadians want you to feel comfortable and at ease! I got a wonderful message from a student on Instagram and she said that she didn’t feel pressure to speak perfectly because so many people in Canada have different accents. She felt like she had time to work on her English without stress.

Canadians are friendly

You may have heard the stereotype that “Canadians are nice.” Well, it is based in truth.
Canadians pride themselves on being friendly, polite and ready to help others. This is a very important thing to consider if you are looking for a place to learn English.

Canada is safe

Canada is a very safe country. The crime rate is 3 the lower than the US. Canada is the 8th safest country in the world. The risks of mugging, pickpocketing and scams are low. Canada is one of the most welcoming destinations in the world for female travellers. Liberal attitudes and safe surroundings mean you will have no problems in Canada‘s main cities or along tourist routes.

Canada is so safe that many Canadians leave their doors unlocked during the day.

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