Hey there I’m Dana! I’m so glad you popped over to my little Canadian corner of the internet!

Dana Clémençon

But enough about me. Let's talk about

You’re here to learn English, am I right?

Well here is what else I know, you’re smart, you’re motivated and you want to speak English.

You know English will change everything for you and open a world of opportunities. But you’re stuck. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you study you just can’t get it. You’re always translating in your head. You can’t organize your thoughts. You don’t know what to say.

You have spent years studying “textbook English” and now you need to know English for real-life. No one prepared you for that!

Are you ready for the good news?

I want you to know that you CAN speak English.

It doesn’t need to be frustrating. It won’t cost thousands of dollars. You can speak English at the level you need to achieve all your goals.

I created Can Learn English because a student came to me because he was moving to Canada.

He was making a huge change in his life and I wanted him to be prepared. I struggled to find good Canadian material to teach English online.

So, I created my own lessons and then I posted them online. Soon I started getting messages from people all over the world. They said that my English lessons were helping them learn English for Canada. Now my lessons have been watched over a million times and I have 40,000 virtual students.

I took all my knowledge of teaching English for Canada and created an online program called The Can Learn English Academy 2.0.

The Can Learn English Academy 2.0 is for you if:

    • You are moving to or visiting Canada and want to improve your English so you can speak freely.
    • You’re talking a language exam for college admission or PR.
    • You want to speak confidently in a group.
    • You want to stop translating in your head.