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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You don’t want to learn American English or British English. You want to learn Canadian English…

You’ve tried group classes, but they were ineffective and didn’t let you learn at your own pace … 

You’ve been learning English for years, but don’t feel you’re at the level you should be…

You know your English is good, but you can’t speak and express yourself like you want to… 

That's Exactly What Inspired Me
to Build this Place!

I was fed up with hearing stories about good people wanting to improve their English and adapt to life in Canada, just like you, but who were left stuck and let down in their pursuit of improving their English and adapting to life in the great white north because of:

Sketchy internet "English teachers" who promise you the world, but deliver very little once your money is in their hands...

Boring and ineffective courses and podcasts focused on American and British English culture..

Overpriced andunrealistic courses that make big claims about improving you English like, "Get Fluent in 30 days" which set you for failure from the beginning...

Fortunately, that’s all behind you now.. 

Introducing The Can English
Academy 2.0

The Academy 2.0 is the leading online training community for those learning Canadian English who also want to fully immerse themselves in Canadian culture.

It’s not just an English-Learning platform, it’s full of culture and history too!

New lesson is added every single week, so you’ll never get bored or run out of things to do.

PLUS the community support to ensure you reach your full potential and succeed once in Canada!

The Academy Will Help You To:


Learn slang, expressions, and vocabulary to help you understand Canadians, but also, speak like a Canuck!


With materials made by native speakers who don't dumb down and simplify how they really speak.


When you interact with other English learners in the same boat as you.


With materials made by native speakers who don't dumb down and simplify how they really speak.

What Makes The Can English
Academy Different?


Learn English from a Canadian English teacher who's also learning foreign languages (German and Portuguese) and knows the trouble you face.


Immerse yourself in Canadian history, culture, and current affairs and really get inside the mind of your average Canuck!


You're learning English for Canada. Join the best online program that teaches Canadian English using Canadian culture and history.

Meet Your Teacher

Dana is the host and creator of Can Learn English.

I created Can Learn English in 2017 after moving to Brazil and teaching students who were planning to immigrate to Canada who were having trouble with the accent, slang, culture, and history that is unique to Canada.

Teaching is my passion and I love helping my students reach their personal and professional goals through English.

I believe language should never stop you from getting what you want in life. I created Can Learn English to teach real Canadian English to students all around the world.

When I’m not making Youtube videos, podcasting or teaching you can find me on my yoga mat or planning my next adventure. 

4 Ways to Learn in The Canadian
English Academy!

The Can Learn English Podcast

Improve your listening skills

Listening comprehension is one of, if not the most, important aspects of learning English.

Understanding native speakers can be tricky because of the speed they speak at and the vocabulary, slang, and expressions they use.

Rapidly improve your listening skills by listening to The Can Learn English Podcast episodes anywhere, anytime.

And better yet, improve your reading skills at the same time with the Premium Podcast player.

As a Can Learn English 2.0 Academy member you get bonus material for every podcast episode with an extra 4 lessons on the podcast topic.

New podcast episodes released every week!

Weekly Bonus English Courses

Get more out of every Expression Podcast episode

When you complete the corresponding Podcast Bonus Course. Each course is made up of numerous written, audio, and video lessons that include

Listen and read exercises

Listening comprehension quizzes

English conversation videos

Vocabulary, slang, and expression lists

Speaking exercises

Learn Canadian History and Culture

Don't just learn English!

Fully immerse yourself into the Canadian culture.

Learn about the history, famous Canadians and current affairs.

Complete the new lessons added each week to:

Improve your knowledge of Canada

Have interesting topics to talk about

Integrate into Canadian society

A Full Library of Courses

Get instant access

When you join you will get instant access to my full library of course.

You will instantly access:

Natural Shadowing Course

Essential Phrasal Verbs Course

Academic and Business Writing

Prepositions Made Easy

Ready, Set, English for Canada

Over 70 lessons available!

See a Sample Lesson from The Can
Learn Academy 2.0

What My Students Say

30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you join the Canadian English Academy, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t feel like you’ve received value  and decide you want to end your subscription, we will fully refund you within the first 30 days.

Be sure to contact us to let us know  and we’ll  refund you promptly. No worries!

Not sure if The Can Learn English
Academy 2.0 is for you?

The Can Learn Academy 2.0 is NOT for everyone, and to be honest, we’d prefer you decided if it’s not for you BEFORE you sign up instead of wasting your time. So that’s said….

Who The AE Academy Is

Intermediate-to-advanced English learners who already have a solid understanding of the basics of English and who want to reach an even higher level in English. Whilst we whole-heartedly encourage you to join, beginners may find the materials overwhelming.

Anyone planning to migrant to, work, study, or travel in Canada, and wants to specifically improve their understanding and use of Canadian English as well as immerse themselves in the Canadian culture.

Anyone who works or interact with Canadian English speakers on a regular basis and thus need to improve your comprehension and use of the language, the Academy will be for you!

Action takers who work hard in order to get results. We can give you materials to improve your English, but ultimately, you need to study them and implement what you learn in order to get the results you deserve!

Who The AE Academy Is Not For:

People looking for instant results. Improving your English is a long journey that requires a lot of hard work and won't happen overnight.

Anyone who isn't willing to dedicated time and effort to their English. You get out what you what you put in. Great results are yours to obtain, but it requires hard work and persistence.

people expecting guaranteed results. We know what we teach works(because we're doing it ourselves in the languages we're learning ), but we can't guarantee specific results from the following our advice and content. No one can make that promise.

People expecting feedback and/or one-on-one lessons with

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