Most frequent questions and answers

The best way to contact Dana is to email her at dana [at] canlearnenglish [dot] com or to message her on the contact page.


The Can Learn English Academy is a virtual English classroom where you learn English by completing online digital English courses. 

The aim of The Can Learn English Academy is to help upper-intermediate to advanced students improve their English so they can work or study in Canada. 

Lessons in The Can Learn English focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar.
There is special emphasis placed on learning English while learning about Canadian life and culture. 
Absolutely! The Can Learn English Academy is an excellent addition to your study plan. You will have the opportunity to improve on all the skills you’ll be tested on. The Academy will definitely help you prepare.

Yes. I guarantee that by joining The Can Learn English Academy, you’ll have better fluency in English than ever before. More understanding of native speakers, more fluent speaking skills and more confidence in your abilities.

If you’re not amazed at the quality of our courses send me an email to help@canlearnenglish.com and I’ll refund 100% of your money.  

There are so many reasons to join The Can Learn English Academy! As you know having a strong commandment of English will be vital for your long term success in Canada. The lessons inside the classroom are designed to take your English to the next level. 

You’ll get access to all Can Learn English courses plus new lessons available every week.