The Complete Guide to Canadian Slang

Slang is an important element of the English language. It is very common for people to use slang in both formal and informal settings.

In Canada, we have a collection of slang words. In this list, you will learn some of the most common slang words used by Canadians.

Everyday Slang


This word is uniquely Canadian. When you say “eh” you’re looking for confirmation of your statement. You say “eh” when you want to know if the person you are speaking with agrees with you. The word means the same thing as right or yeah or no.

How to use “eh” incorrectly:

Some people think that Canadians say the word “eh” after every sentence.

For example, we never say, “How’s it going, eh?”

Eh is only used at the end of a sentence to ask if one agrees with your statement.

The weather is nice out today, eh?
That was a great football match, eh


This is the Canadian one dollar coin. It is called a loonie because there is a picture of a loon on the coin. A loon is an aquatic bird that resembles a duck and is common in Canada. People will always refer to the one dollar coin as a loonie.

I don’t have a five dollar bill, can I give you five loonies instead?


A toonie is our two dollar coin. It has a polar bear on it. Canadians nicknames it a toonie because that rhymes with loonie. Cute, eh?

Can you trade my toonie for two loonies, please?


This is the most Canadian of all Canadian slang. You won’t hear this word spoken outside of Canada. A toque is a warm winter hat, usually knitted.

It is very cold outside so you will need to wear a toque.


This is another word for a couch or sofa.
Let’s go sit on the chesterfield

Slang for Food and Drinks



This is the nickname for the popular Canadian coffee shop Tim Horton’s. There are Tim Horton’s everywhere in Canada! Sometimes they are right across the street from one another (seriously). This is a place where you can buy coffee, donuts, and bagels. It is a beloved destination by almost all Canadians.

I really need a coffee, can we stop at Timmies?

Double double

A double double is a drip coffee with two creams and two sugars in it. This is a common drink people get at Timmies or other coffee shops.

When ordering a coffee you would say, “Can I have a double double please?”




This is what the American’s call soda and the Brits call a fizzy drink. It is a carbonated beverage, for example, Sprite of Coca-cola.

What kind of pop do you have?


A mickey is a 375 ml bottle of liquor.

I want to get a mickey of rum from the store for the party.

Two six or Twenty Sixer

This is another slang term for a bottle of liquor, however, this one contains 26 ounces or 750mL.

I want to buy Tim a two six of rum for his birthday.

Informal Slang for Conversation


This is not a term exclusive to Canada, but you will hear it a lot here. It means over-the-top or obnoxious.

She wore a ballgown to a cocktail party, that is so extra!


This is used to describe someone who is really nice. It is also used for something that has been done exceptionally well.

My friend Jane is a beauty.
That was a beauty goal.


This term is used mostly in rural Canada and means to put all of your efforts into something. It can also mean to work very hard.

I need to finish this job so I’m just going to give’r.

It takes on a different meaning when referring to drinking alcohol. It means to party very hard.

It’s my birthday so I’m going to give’r.

That’s jokes

This phrase is used as a response to a funny story.

“I bought my dog and I matching sweaters.”
“That’s jokes!”

Slang for Cities and People

Van City

Nickname for the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.
 am visiting Van City this weekend.

The Six

This is a term for Toronto coined by Toronto rapper Drake. You may see it spelled in various ways, such as 6, six, or 6ix.


A Canuck is a slang word for a Canadian. It is also the name of the hockey team based in Vancouver, The Vancouver Canucks.
I am proud to be a Canuck.


A Newfie is someone from the province of Newfoundland. You will find that they have a very distinct accent, very similar to the Irish accent. If you ever meet a Newfie is it more polite to call them a Newfoundler.

I met a Newfie named Sarah last night.

Some of the slang words in this lesson are more common than others. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% comfortable with these slang words at first. Try and listen to Canadians speaking and see how often you pick up slang words.


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