Learn English for Canada Phrasal Verbs

Canada’s Favourite Phrasal Verbs

Native English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time when they speak. How do Canadians use phrasal verbs? Learn how in this lesson.

Lesson Notes:

Grab (something)

Grab is used the same way the verb to get.

Do you want to grab lunch?

Can you grab me a glass of water, please?

I need to stop, grab a few things at the store and I’ll be right over.

Figure (something) out

To figure something out is to solve or understand something.

You can figure out the why, what, when, how, or where of something,

 We need to figure out how we’ll get to Toronto.

Did you figure out what time you’re free next week?

 You also use figure out to calculate an amount.

Can you figure out how much we need to tip?

Let me figure out if it’s in the budget.

Pick (something) up

To pick up means to collect something or to buy something.

 I picked up a great new jacket on the weekend.

I need to pick up my kids after school.

Get along with

To get along one means to be friendly and have a positive relationship with someone.

In Canada, you might say I love my new job, I get along great with my coworkers.

Run by

Run by has two meanings

It means to ask permission.

I want to take Friday off but I need to run it by my manager first.

Run by mean to say something again.

Can you run by those numbers again for me?

Turns out

Turns out mean the way a situation ends up happening.

You might think Canada is too cold in the winter but it turns out it isn’t so bad.

You might hear people saying “as it turns out.”

As it turns out we don’t need to work Friday night.

Sort out

To sort out means to find a solution.

Can you sort out how we’re going arrange transportation to the blue jays game?

We will often use sort out with problems.

She needs to sort out her problems

Keep on

Keep on means to continue doing something.

Keep on practising English, you’ll get it eventually.

Bring up

To bring up means to remind someone of something in a conversation.

Everyone has experienced an awkward situation before. In those cases you might want to say, I didn’t want to bring it up but…

 Acting up

 This is used to describe when something isn’t working properly.

My computer is acting up again, I need to go get it fixed.

 Parents also use this about their children.

I’ve been having a hard time with my son, he’s acting up all the time.

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