066 – 5 Minute English: Healthcare in Canada

Learn English in context with this fun 5 minute English lesson! Today’s topic is centre stage as Canada tackles the COVID crisis. Many people know Canada for its universal healthcare system so let’s talk about it! This lesson will teach you the vocabulary you need to speak about the topic.

In This Episode:


  • decentralized
  • universal
  • funding
  • legislation
  • comprehensive
  • insurance
  • premium
  • accessible
  • coverage
  • specialized


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  1. Thanks for this interesting episode. Undoubtedly, one of the most important issues that everyone should investigate before moving to another country, in this casa Canada, is related to healthcare, cost, and characteristics in each province. I am applying to PNP in Manitoba and I really appreciate your today podcast.

  2. Hi Dana!
    It is a really interesting episode, I’ve been looking about the Canada Healthcare!
    I’m very happy that you have a good and efficient free Healthcare plan across the provinces in Canada.
    Here, in Brazil, we have a plan like this but it doesn’t work well enough at all country.
    Like Pablo said, I think the Healthcare is one of the most important thing that we need to research about before to move. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

  3. Well prepared Interesting Topic that made me really into the episode. Canadian Healthcare is great offer!
    Thank You, You are such dedicated teacher!