059 – Expression: Weekend Warrior with Teacher Ronan

In this episode, I chat with Ronan, who is an Irish English teacher living in Kelowna. Ronan gives us his first impressions of living in Toronto and we also teach you the expression “Weekend Warrior”.

You can follow Ronan on Instagram for more English tips.

In This Episode:


  • artsy
  • Torontonians
  • friend base
  • folklore
  • ludicrous
  • commutes
  • fortunate
  • rough
  • engage
  • overcome
  • hurdle
  • beforehand
  • sparingly
  • integration
  • whereas
  • intentional
  • tailored
  • ingrained
  • tolerance
  • binge drinking
  • publicans
  • off licences
  • strict
  • influence
  • spiel
  • give’r
  • intrigued


  • under one’s wing
  • frowned upon
  • out the window
  • par for par
  • that’s my jam


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