053 – Expression: Cabin Fever

Are you suffering from cabin fever? In this episode, you’ll learn the meaning and origin of the expression cabin fever.

Also in this episode:

  • the expressions: cooped up and stir-crazy
  • pronunciation of the schwa + r sound in Canadian English
  • Canadian fact: Canadian summertime culture at the lake

In This Episode:


  • remote
  • abnormal
  • shivering
  • delirium
  • average
  • pioneer
  • isolating
  • claustrophobic
  • pen
  • poultry
  • element
  • dock
  • lounge
  • winterized
  • insulation
  • shabby
  • pristine
  • antidote
  • economic boom
  • infrastructure
  • rural
  • niche
  • luxury
  • municipalities

Phrasal Verbs and Expressions

  • keep an eye on (something)
  • run down
  • under the weather
  • spiked a temperature
  • cooped up
  • stir crazy
  • paint (someone) a picture


  • Listen to the podcast using the 5 step method
  • Vocabulary Builder + Expressions (video)
  • Vocabulary Flash cards from Quizlet
  • Pronunciation lesson on schwa+r (video)

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